February 13-15, 2024

AGSA Annual Awards

AGSA’s Jack Fairhurst Superintendent of the Year Award

The AGSA’s Jack Fairhurst Superintendent of the Year Award is a peer driven award that is presented to a member Superintendent who exemplifies the profession of Golf Course Superintendent. This award is meant to reflect the recipient’s dedication to the greenskeeping profession through continuing education, maintenance practices and management skills. The budget of a golf course shall in no way reflect the suitability of the candidate for the award.

AGSA’s Alvin Rowledge Bursary

The AGSA’s Alvin Rowledge Bursary is awarded annually to the dependent or dependents of one or more AGSA members, based on the established criteria. The student needs to be enrolled in post secondary education, but not necessarily in the file of Turf Grass Management. The AGSA reserves the right to not award the bursary should no suitable submissions be received

AGSA’s Blake Palmer Distinguished Service Award

This award is awarded to an individual who has made outstanding contribution to the advancement of the profession of Golf Course Superintendent in Atlantic Canada. The nomination is open to anyone in the golf industry or anyone who has made significant contributions to the industry.